Volunteers are welcome!

Every Sunday enthusiasts are welcome at Thuin, all year. From 10.30 to 17.00 help keep the memory of the Vicinal alive.

There is work for everybody, even those with two left hands!

- Cleaning the trams,
- maintenance of the museum and its surroundings
- cutting trees and bushes along the line and on the museum site
- helping with overhead line maintenance (help and training given)
- helping with the maintenance and restoration of the trams (help and training given)
- Helping with track maintenance (help and training given)
Etc, etc

Every Saturday and Sunday during the tourist season we need help with the following jobs:

- Guide for tourist groups (French, Dutch, English and German)
- Cashier and sale of tickets, books and videos
- Conductor on the trams

Interested? Telephone the museum on +3271/37.00.05 during opening hours. Or come and see us to discuss the options. Thank you in advance.