To order, please send an e-mail to asvi@asvi.be and to transfer at the following account. Mentionning "DVD 90", "DVD Patrimoine" or "DVD 80".

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A DVD about the last 90, made with railfan films and divided into three sections.

* The first chapter was made a few days before the end of regular services. You discover the line 90 next to the driver of a BN car, travelling through Anderlues, Leval, Binche, Péronnes, Trivières and Saint-Vaast.

* The second chapter presents the day of 28 August 1993, the special ASVi trip with two coupled BN, the PCC 10409 and the Standard convoy 10308 and 19405 trailer falling between regular services.

* The third chapter is devoted to traffic Post-Mortem of 5 September 1993, only with ASVi historical cars (9073, 9515, 10308 and 9974 and trailers 2026, 1936 and 19405).

In short, 1h30 of pure happiness and travel in the past.

Price :20 €+ 2 € shipping

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A DVD made from railfan films gives a sight on the Heritage SNCV network, including activities of the ASVi.

You are among other witness of the Vicinal Festival in 1991, exploitation Post Mortem with historical material on line 90 in 1993, the special trip on 4 October 1994, the transfer of ASVi cars, catenary work etc.

Finally, some pictures of 'Tramway Touristique de l'Aisne' and the tramway of Han.

Price :30 €+ 2 € shipping

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Hainaut in the 80's. The end of an area comes with the end of the vicinal network. It is time to capture the last moments.

This DVD show you an hour of the last vicinal lines and the famous S class cars.

Lets also mention pictures of the line 92 Anderlues - Thuin, already under ASVi management and a bonus...

To order, please send 22,00€ (incl shipping) to the ASVi accout 000-1390847-61, with mention "DVD 80".

Price :20 €+ 2 € shipping

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This DVD show you the network in the cities of Charleroi and La Louvière in the years '70.

It consists of two parts:
- A Super 8 film (lines 30, 41, 80, 90 and 92)
- Slideshows with almost all lines of the time (in addition to those mentioned in the film, there are lines 57, 61-64, 62, 63, 65-66, 78, 85-86, ...)

For a little over an hour, motor cars and trailers S and Sm class, but also Braine-le-Comte trailers and some Standard trailers ...

To order, please send an email with your details to asvi @ asvi . be and pay € 27 (including shipping) on account 000-1390847-61 with the mention "DVD 70".

Price :25 €+ 2 € shipping


ASVi has published two new sets of postcards. To order, please send an e-mail to asvi@asvi.be and to transfer at the following account.
Mentionning "Série 1", "Série 2" or "Série 1+2"

4.50€ (one set) or 8.00€ (2 sets)

Série 1

Eugie 10284
PCC 10409
HL 303
AR.86 + A.21657
Standard 10308

Série 2

PCC 10409
Standard 10308
AR.86 + A2026


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