13-14, 20-21, 27-28 October : The special trip with the N and SE class on the light rail system of Charleroi
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26 August : After 7 years waiting and many vicissitudes, the SE 9974 has been put under voltage and the results are positive as well in 600 as in 24 volts. Only the air systems will require some more attention. The future works will involve a new painting of the furniture and the fixing of the destination blinds frames. Much work in sight !

15 August : With the restoration of the Type N, and the fitting of correct blind rolls, the festival, under the motto of the "Group Leuven" has been a success. The five electric motorcars (PCC, Standard, Eugie, Type N and 9073) and the train hauled by diesel car 86 have carried almost 700 persons during these three days.

The star was definitely the type N which was also the most photographed. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

8 August : The Type N is just coming out of restoration. On this picture it carry already its temporary pantograph and still one trolley. For the festival and some upcomming special trip, this car will run with the number 10490 and a pantograph to simulate a motorcar from the Group Leuven.

14 July : Now the SE 9974 is also recovering his cream livery.


6 May : Its run! The 9924 has run by its own on the workshop yard. The whole 600 V and the 24 V are operational. Only the woodwork has still to be refitted.

The type N is back to its cream livery. This is a very good news as it is now sure that it will be ready for the summer festivities.

21 April : Works on the 9924 are slowly but surely progressing. The electrical wirework is now completed; this will enable to put it soon under voltage.

7 April : Track works just before the Pont du Nord. 30 sleepers have been replaced and tamped.

1 April : The pantograph from the N class has been repainted a lovely green colour.

16 March : The repainting of the N class has started. After a coat of primer for non-ferrous metal, a coat of finishing mastic has been applied by spray gun. There is still a lot to be done, but the final paint finish will soon be applied.

The “Manage” has received its air brake system and traction resistances. The brake trials were successfully completed.

25 February : The work on 9924 continues. Still lacking iron plates have been fitted this Sunday. The following step will be to replace the mouldings and the inside woodwork.

3 February : Four vehicles are simultaneously in hand. A record!

- 9974 : re-wiring of the heaters.
- 9385 : work on the driving cab plate
- 10480 : rubbing down of the body before applying putty
- 9924 : creation of a cable canal for the 600 V
- Infrastructure: installation of insulators to permit the electrification in a very next future of the track number 5 of the museum building.

7 January : The magnetic track brakes of the N class tram have given us a lot of work. In theory the height is adjustable, but this adjustment had not been done for 30 years and the mechanism was stuck. It took many hours to free and service the various parts of this adjusting mechanism. Trials which took place on 7 January were successful. One more thing sorted out!

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